These policies pertain to the common and shared areas of Remedy Counseling Center. Please check with your independent provider regarding their COVID-19 policies.

The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) has impacted us all in the way that we are living our lives, providing services, and conducting business. Remedy Counseling Center is monitoring recommended practices for organizations like ours and instituting additional methods to minimize exposure to the virus in our daily routines.

As the news surrounding COVID-19 (the disease caused by the coronavirus) evolves, our main priorities remain the same — to walk alongside our clients to optimize your health and well-being.

There is a lot of information out there about COVID-19 and/or the coronavirus. We do not take the position of providing medical advice; therefore, to educate yourself, please visit the following links:

• Center for Disease Control (CDC)

• World Health Organization (WHO)


Remedy Counseling Center will continue to follow CDC and local health agencies’ recommendations to reduce risk of exposure to COVID-19. The following is an outline of Remedy Counseling Center’s plan to adhere to the CDC’s recommendations for social distancing, cleaning, and sanitizing. These guidelines will be implemented and adhered to as long as it prudent to do so. They will be evaluated and changed as needed.

1. Per CDC guidelines masks are recommended for individuals who are not fully vaccinated.

2. We encourage all clients to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands upon entering the building.

3. We ask all clients who are sick, or have a known exposure to stay home. Telehealth sessions may be available for these clients.

4. We will do “no touch” payments until further notice. If the credit card terminal is used, it will be sanitized with disinfectant after each use.

5. The lobby/waiting room is open for those who wish to wait inside. You may opt to wait outside, or in your car, if you feel more comfortable doing so.

6. Office furnishings will be moved or rearranged to allow for 6 ft of distance between client and provider during face to face sessions.

7. We ask that only those with a scheduled appointment wait inside.

8. Cleaning and Sanitizing

a. Hand sanitizer will be made available at the front of the office for use. Providers are recommended to have hand sanitizer in their individual offices.

b. As is our normal practice, antibacterial soap and paper towels are available in the bathrooms and playroom.

c. All common area surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned at the beginning and end of each day, and frequently throughout the day.

d. Trash can lids have been removed to reduce commonly touched surfaces.

e. Bathroom lights should remain on through the day. This allows the fans to run continuously and reduces commonly touched surfaces.

f. Playroom. Hand sanitizer, anti-bacterial soap, and paper towels will be available.

g. The playroom, including all hard surfaces (table, chairs, door handles, kitchen) will be wiped with anti-bacterial cleaner, and toys sprayed with disinfectant between sessions.

h. HEPA air purifiers are located throughout the common areas in the building.

i. Individual providers are encouraged to clean/sanitize all hard surfaces (door handles, door frames, tables), and soft surfaces (couches/chairs, etc.) between sessions.


a. Talk with your individual provider about Telehealth services.

These policies will be implemented and remain in effect unless, or until there is a substantial change in the recommendations from the State of Idaho, our local health district, the CDC, or the WHO.